Hey, how’s it going? I’m Pat Marcello and I’ve written 10 books for publishers like ABC-Clio, Lucent, and Andrews-McMeel. I haven’t been writing for magazines or writing books for years, but I do write every day. I am a writer. And I have writerly thoughts all the time — some twisted, some normal. And so, I’d like to share a little of each with you. Enjoy!

Writing Through Life

OK, so in my last post, we established something I hate to admit -- I'm on the road to old. In some ways that totally sucks, but in others, it's amazing! Though our bodies get older, our brains (barring any debilitating disease), continue to grow. My brain is 25, as I...

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Entering the Twilight Zone

So, I sit here contemplating the horrid fact that in a few short months, I'll be eligible for Medicare. Yep. The sound of that is very scary to some. They see it as "Old Age," "Over the Hill," and "Done For." Silly geese. You're not done until  you're done! And I, for...

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A Renewed Enthusiasm for Writing Fun Stuff

I know... It's been more than a year since I felt like writing anything here. Why? Because my work writing is BORING and not fun. I mean, I can do it (and have been doing for 13+ years now), but it's nothing compared to intense research about a topic or making up...

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