Are you a new writer? If so, the whole question of “voice” might be confusing for you. I know it was for me at first. I figured that if you wrote, you wrote. Pat Marcello

Not so!

Here are some steps you can take to figure your own writing voice:

  • Choose any topic, fiction or nonfiction
  • If you’re writing fiction prepare by creating your main character; if you’re writing nonfiction, read several issues of a magazine you’d like to write for.
  • Fiction writers should write a “stream of conscious” type piece that would be exactly what your character is thinking; if you’re writing nonfiction, try a paragraph and see if it seems similar to the style of the articles you read in the magazine.
  • If you’re not satisfied with the outcome, if the writing doesn’t ring true, do it over until it does.

Writing in your distinct voice is very important. It’s what separates you from all other writers on the planet. But… You can change your style to fit any situation. You first need to figure your who your audience will be and what your finished piece will look like. Then, write. Just write. And keep writing that one paragraph in different voices until you finally settle on the perfect tone.

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