Dead Like Me
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Remember last week when I mentioned how cool Netflix was and that we’re thrilled to be watching series from Showtime from there? We have HBO, and I wouldn’t give that up. Too many guilty pleasures there like True Blood, and Boardwalk Empire just started, so… I’m reserving judgment, but it’s pretty good after only two episodes.

Anyway, we’re watching this show from a couple of years back called Dead Like Me, and it’s great! I mean, really, really good writing from Brian Fuller, who also did WonderFalls and Pushing Daisies, which was canceled MUCH too soon.

The premise is that at the beginning of the pilot, this 18-year-old girl, named George (short for Georgia), is hit by a burning, flying toilet seat that fell out of the space station and killed instantly in a ball of fiery fury. But she’s watching all that from outside her body because, of course, she’s dead.

The first thing she finds out is that she now has a job to do — as a “Reaper,” or as we commonly refer to them, “Grim Reapers.” She and her cohort are tasked with finding people who are about to die in grisly ways and removed their souls from their bodies before the actual event takes place. (It’s much less traumatic that way, you see.)

In the beginning, she’s very unhappy with the job. She learns that she doesn’t get paid, so she has to get a real job to support herself, anyway, and that it’s not something she can neglect to do. And she doesn’t want to “kill” people. But it’s not that simple. When she gets her Post-it Note from her boss, Rube, every morning with the victims name and ETD (estimated time of death), she has to carry out the deed or the person’s soul will be trapped in his or her body forever. It’s not cool. She learns fast that it’s something she can’t avoid.

What’s the point?

First, we all have jobs to do in life — for ourselves, for our families, and to get paid. And sometimes, we have special projects that we need to complete for OURSELVES.

All of our jobs are important, but if you have a dream, you could die tomorrow and it would never happen. You keep putting things off and putting things off, and your Internet marketing business and your lead generation campaigns seem so daunting that they give you real approach-avoidance. You want to do them, but ahhh… they’re so hard and I don’t have time and nobody will like it and I have nothing worthwhile to contribute and on and on…

YOU are the only person stopping YOU from doing what you dream of.

Stop sabotaging yourself and MOVE! Take ACTION.

Otherwise, you could end up like George and never get that success you’re looking for. Set up a lead generation campaign. Get your list building, and start making money with other people’s products. That’s really much simpler than you think.

Then, live. Take your vacation in Tahiti or spend a year painting or writing or doing whatever you want to do. You only get one life, so live it.

And watch Dead Like Me. It’s hilariously black humor and Mason is a hoot. You’re gonna love it.

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