Pat MarcelloI was on the phone with the Overcome Everything crew last week, and had to laugh.  I forget what the topic of the conversation was exactly,

but it had to do with people’s style and likes and dislikes. Kyle Battis, our marketing and affiliate manager, said, “Some people like to write blog posts. I know Pat just loves it, but me… it’s torture!” Or something similar. That made me smile because I know that when Kyle puts his mind to it, he’s an amazing writer. He just hates doing it.

I used to be like that. I was a Sociology major in college and most of my classes required a lot of academic writing — papers, essay tests, and on and on. I HATED that. If I had to write anything for years… I’d cringe.  Writing wasn’t my bag.

My husband was always more the writer than me, and actually completed a science fiction novel in 1986. He never had the attention span to dot the i’s and cross the t’s to have it published, and he had a crappy agent. But this guy did one incredible thing — for me.

He gave Mr. Pat a subliminal tape that he was told to play every night when he went to bed. So, for months, we went to sleep listening to this tape.  Well, it didn’t work — on Mr. Pat. It worked for me!

I started writing shortly thereafter and haven’t stopped since. Now, most of every day is spent doing just that, and it just rolls off the figertips.

So, maybe that’s your solution. Maybe you can find a tape or CD that will help you to write. Or, you can skip that altogether. If you’ve spent any time at all at, you’ll notice that Tellman prefers to make videos, which is cool. Stephen Pierce does podcasts. He just says what he’s thinking about into a voice recorder and bingo! Instant blog post.

If you hate to write, you really don’t have to. Even a picture with a bit of narration about it can be a blog post. But if you just can’t PUSH yourself to write… get a tape.  Worked for me, for sure. Maybe it can work for you.

Hmm… Now I HATE copywriting. I just look at a page and sigh. I hate it.  Think I can get Tellman to hypnotize me? I’d be frickin’ amazing then. 🙂

Hey, Tell…

Oh, and P. S. I shot this image today. Normal nose Pat!

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