Hmm… Shannon definitely has lofty aspirations, thinking she’s my puppet master. Ha, ha, ha…  That has never been  the case and never will —

This is a hole where a picture of Shannon used to be but she made me take it down.

just so you know.

That whole post was a joke, and here’s how it happened:Every day, I give her a new chore to accomplish, when she’s not in class. (She’s in her third year of college.) I mean, she could be working part-time, but she’d rather sit in her room and write. I encourage that, of course, but I’m also of a mind that she needs to learn how to take care of her own living space and have been cultivating that talent since she was about 5 years old when she started getting simple chores. She also needs to contribute to the family well-being for as long as she lives here.

Old school? Yep. Sure am in that regard.

Yesterday, the task was to wash the kitchen floor. Not a huge job, just one she really hates. So, she gave me “the face.” You know that face. “What? Me? You expect me to do that?” Um… yes, dear. I do.

So, thinking I was pretty smart, I said, “OK, I’ll tell you what, if you’d rather write a blog post, I”ll wash the floor.”

Very dumb suggestion on my part… Shannon… writer. Very quick witted writer. Duh.

What I should have said is,”If you want to work on this book chapter I’m writing about blogging,” but… well… my brain seemed stalled at that point of the day. (OK, lots of work, rough morning, any excuse you care to fill in here _________.) I figured I’d win, and I lost.

So, I washed the floor and Shannon wrote the post. Puppet master… pfft!!!

Love ya, Shan.

Actually, she’s my pal. We do a lot together, and she doesn’t feel like, “Ewwww… I don’t want to hang with Mom,” so that’s pretty cool.  I owe it to being vested in her world. I do listen to her music. It’s very cool and our tastes run similarly. And yes, I admit it. I love video and computer games and when I’m not working, I’m wasting time with those. Mario Party games are so little-kid-gamey, but let’s face it, those games are hilarious if you play them the right way. Trust me.

And the Marilyn Manson part? Yes. I like Nobodies and several other MM tunes, and I like Rob Zombie.  How sick is that?  Birthday Massacre, Placebo, Regina Spektor, the Eels, the Wombats, and even Lady Gaga.

Baby Boomers… I’m light years ahead of you. Don’t even try to catch up now. 🙂

I’m not the kid of oldster that tries to look like I’m 21, though. I mean, I don’t think I look my age (at least that’s what I’m told and I choose to believe it), but I’m definitely NOT into the “old lady” thing and never frickin’ will be. My mom lived to be 88 years old and to the day she died, had she been referred to as “old,” she’d have had a conniption.

So, yes. We get along. I know Shannon’s world and she loves that I do.

Her dad, on the other hand, does not. They don’t get along real well sometimes, and it’s because he doesn’t understand where she’s coming from. I think it’s really important that you watch what your kids do, read what they read, and listen to the music they like the whole time they’re growing up, not just when they’re little. Parents that throw their hands up and say, “That noise!” are just asking to be relegated to the junk pile.

Not me, baby.

Working with the OE crew is good for me, too. They are fun and entertaining. I mean, who else’s boss has action figures lining his dining room window sills? The Tellmansion is an interesting place.

So, Boomer pals, do NOT go gentle into that good night. Fight it kicking and screaming ALL the way and participate in your kids’ lives even if you think you’ll go mad. You might decide that you really like some of the stuff that they do. Stay current!

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