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I’m a total movie person, and go to the theater often, and today we went to see Social Network, the Facebook story. You should see it, too, if you work online or if you are an entrepreneur or a budding hopeful. The movie itself wasn’t stunning. It was interesting, and maybe that’s because I work in the online world.

But according to the film, Mark Zukerberg started out as a VERY smart, but not terribly personable young man. If the movie is close to the truth, which I always wonder about, he really had very few people skills and would have been considered a “nerd” in anyone’s world. It starts with his date breaking up with him for being so damned condescending. I didn’t blame her, really, but…

He is smart and he had a BIG idea. Whether he stole it or not is up for discussion. Who knows, really? Only the people involved. But that’s not the point.

Regardless of who came up with the idea — it was HUGE.

The universe speaks to those who will listen.

Regardless of who you are, who you know, how smart you are, or any other advantage you might think you have, it only takes ONE big idea to make you a superstar.

But how does it come to you? How do you figure out which idea is the ONE?

I’ve been trying to answer those simple questions my entire life.

Tellman has that kind of brain that thinks of these ideas 24/7 and that’s partly why I love working with him. He comes up with stuff all the time and some of it is brilliant and some of it is just wild. Here’s the difference between a Tellman and a person who doesn’t go anywhere — he’s never afraid to try.


Don’t you be afraid, and who knows? You could be the next Facebook billionaire.

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