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About three years ago, I said that I’d never go to Starbucks. I mean, who would be dumb enough to pay $5 for a cup of coffee, right?


They built one right across the street! How dare they!

And my daughter says, “You know… I’ve had these with my friend, T.J., and the chai tea fappacinos are amazing.  We should try it.”

So, I hesitated. I said, “They’re just too expensive. Once you walk in the door, they clean out your pockets and you’re left with something that lasts what? 10 mintues?”

But she kept after me… “Mom, I’m telling you. You’re going to like it.”

And I caved.

And we got frappacinos, but I discovered that they had mocha frappacinos and it was ALL over. Every time I went, that was it. Mocha fraps. Of course now, I’ve developed a taste for chai tea, double chocolatey-chip with a pump of peppermint, and it’s so haaaaaaard to decide. Argh!

Before I knew it, I had a gold card that I paid $25 for at that time (which is free now) and did it just to save myself some cash.

That’s just not happening. We go at least 3-4 times a week, and now, there are those paninis — Mozzarella and roasted tomato? Total rip-off, but also totally good and now, well…

Starbucks has crack in it.

That’s it.


And they’re just not telling us. They snuck it in just like Coca-Cola snuck cocaine into Coke way back when.

And I’m a total junkie. Bad on me.

Starbucks and True Blood, my two guilty pleasures.

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