Grr… Don’t you hate that? I mean, if you have Akismet installed, you’re probably good to go, but some of those spammy-assed pos

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ts still get through.

I’ve seen my share with all the blogs I’ve moderated and had over the years. I actually started blogging soon after

opened — about writing, of course. But the minute I had my own blog on my own server, it started to come in hot and heavy.

You may not recognize some of the comments you get as spam, but Pat is here to school you, my friend, so take heart.

Unless someone writes something intelligent about the specific post that they commented on, 9 times out of 10, it’s spam.

You see, there are all these commenting softwares out there that will go out and find blogs to comment on and automatically post some generic comment, such as, “Great post!” Or, they’ll try and schmooze you into a false sense of comment security, “I really like your blog. You write so clearly and I really enjoy reading.”


Don’t be flattered. You’re being S-P-A-M-M-E-D. Delete it! Quick like a bunny!

You see, Google will downgrade your blog if too many of these comment show up, or if the comments come from what Google consider to be “bad neighborhoods,” such as gambling and porn sites.¬† (I’m not judging, just tellin’ ya what Google thinks.)

So, my advice is that if you don’t have too many comments, click on the links for the sites that made them and see what they’re like. If you find¬† content scraper sites that show nothing but your URL in the post and a crappy blurb about it, nuke that sucka! And we’re talking pingbacks and trackbacks, too.

The moral of the story is never to be had.

Damned spammers. They really make me nuts.

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