For a long, long time teleseminars were tops. I mean, they’re still pretty good and they work like gangbusters if you set them up right, but I really do prefer webinars these days. I mean, I hate it when I have to just listen to something and the only way that I can stay focused on what I’m hearing is if I’m doing something else at the same time.

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Blame Dad. My father could work a crossword puzzle, watch TV, and have a radio with a baseball game on plugged into his ear all at the same time. My sister’s like that, too. None of us can sit still for very long, and we all have to be doing more than one thing at a time or we’re bored.

Webinars are cool because they allow the participants to SEE what’s being discussed. I prefer to deliver my live information that way because I guess I’m a natural teacher. I enjoy showing folks what they need to know, rather than just telling them about it. It’s important to me that they come away with concrete knowledge that they can even follow along with as I’m performing the task of the day.

Last week, we had a webinar about blog plugins and I showed my peeps Scribe SEO, which is a really cool plugin that helps you to make every blog post you write SEO friendly. I mean, it actually tells you what to do. If you’re interested in watching that video, you can see it on my SEO News Blog here.

But my people LOVE it. And when we do webinars for ListBuilding Club members, they love it, too.

In my opinion, webinars far outweigh the benefits of a simple call, unless you’re talking theory. PowerPoint presentations are OK for that, but let’s face it, they’re kind of boring, too. I want to see action and be able to duplicate results myself from what I’ve learned.

Now, I’m on a mission to find the perfect webinar system because the traditional options aren’t working for me. There are a couple of new ones on the market and well… I’ve been looking forward to testing them out. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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