Until my fingers fall off.

That’s my life. If I’m not writing blog posts, I’m writing books or I’m writing articles or I’m writing whatever.

Funny part is — I never wanted to be a writer. Writing was the absolute worst thing you could ever tell me to do. I’m still that way with ad copy. I just hate the idea of all that thinking and then it coming back with bupkiss results. But luckily, that’s not part of my job.

It is in a way, I guess. Everything we write is “copy” of some type. Leave me to the kind that I don’t have to think about and I’m good to go. 🙂

But even way back in the day when I started writing, I really didn’t want to do it every single day. But… I found a way to make it happen. Want to know how? Check out this post on the OE Blog: http://overcomeeverything.com/856/wanna-gonna-wait/

I’m guessing it will be helpful for anyone who wants to be consistent in their online business. See if it helps you.