We’ve been talking about writer’s block for the past couple of days, and today, I have another solid remedy that you might pfffttt!!! at, but it works, too. And trust me, through my last four books when things were really hard, it totally worked for me.

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Imagine having to write Tibetan history from ancient times to the present, or what about writing the entire the consumer movement and how Ralph Nader was persecuted by General Motors? And then, there’s Gandhi. Writing his story was amazing, but quite complicated in terms of Indian politics. I got stuck in part of those books, for sure. But I finished them and you can find each and every one of them on Amazon.com.  The Dalai Lama book has now been translated into other languages, so I guess I know how to do something right.

Want the secret?

It’s simple. So, get ready to burn it into your brain.

Don’t… ever… stop… writing.

That’s it!

When you’re writing on deadline, you can’t afford to have writer’s block. So, you just write whatever you think might work, even if it’s 100% crap. Have you ever head that the best writing is the rewriting? That’s so true. Once you see what you’ve written, sometimes it doesn’t look so bad on the rewrite. You’ll think, Hey, I really did OK there. And you’ll probably be right.

Just don’t try this method when you’re sick. I wrote a whole book chapter when I had the flu in 1998 and when I got to the rewrite, I was astounded at how very bad the writing was and had to rewrite it completely. If you’re sick, be sick. Write when you’re well.

So, that’s it. If you want to write professionally, you have to write whatever comes out of your brain and then, make it worth something when you rewrite. Works great!

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