When my daughter was a little girl, she would get downright evil, if she wasn’t fed on time. It was like she turned into another person, someone that I certainly didn’t hatch, and it would amaze us no end because she was a really good, sweet kid. But it was amazing… The minute she got food into her stomach, she would be her old sweet self again. Used to freak my mother out, and we never liked to see Baby Hyde so I made sure that she always ate well and on time.

pat marcello

Wildwood NJ, 1994

So, I had to cook breakfast for her every single day — not a bowl of cereal or oatmeal and toast, but eggs, bacon and toast¬† or waffles or pancakes or whatever. No quick breakfasts for the kid. It became super important when she went to Catholic school. I spent 12 years in one, so I know how the nuns get when you don’t behave.

So, when we were in school rush mode, I would make her a microwave breakfast.

I took 2 strips of bacon and laid them between two paper towels and cooked them in the microwave. As I recall, about 5 minutes.¬† (Today, they have microwave bacon and it’s not bad at all. Why they couldn’t have come up with that 15 years sooner, I’ll never know.)

Then, I got 1 egg and I’d coat the bowl with margarine or just spray oil and then, scramble it. Throw it in the microwave for 30 seconds and then, scramble again and put on for another 30 seconds and voila! When the toast popped… instant breakfast.

It just came to mind this morning. My husband bought some of that microwave bacon, so in 20 seconds, I had bacon. I made a microwave scrambled egg… and there ya go. Warm breakfast in about 3 minutes flat.

Try it!