Not really, I mean, I don’t walk around in those pointy bras or anything, but I swear, I have reinvented myself more times than she has.  You NEED to do that in life. If you are still the same person you were when you got out of high school… SNAP OUT OF IT! You’re not growing and learning and becoming a better you.

I’ve been a floor authorization person at Sears (way before computers), a teller in a savings and loan, a loan manager in a bank, a bank branch manager, a district manager, an antiques and collectibles dealer, a crafts instructor, a published author, and now…  jack of many Internet marketing trades. We’re talking SEO, blogging, and lots of techy stuff that I absolutely love to learn. I mean, who’d have thunk that I’d be creating code to make things look prettier on the Web or giving webinars to folks who need help way back in 1974 when I graduated college? Certainly NOT me. They were still working with punch cards and data entry then.

Have to say that I’ve liked each me because I have rarely done things I wasn’t interested in. I wanted to be a banker. I wanted to learn about antiques, crafts were certainly fun, and writing is at the core of my being. I still do it every single day. But this Internet marketing stuff has been a real hoot. Working with Tellman and the gang at Overcome Everything is full of interesting surprises and for the first time since I left Califormia (I’ve lived in about 8 different cities, too.), I feel like anything could happen, and it does.

So, if you’re still young. Don’t forget that your views will change. What you like now will be a burden to you down the road. So, don’t be afraid of change. Change is really, really good, and it just helps you to be a better person. If you’re older, hate your job, and want to move into something more exciting… do it! Material possessions won’t mean shit to you when you’re on your death bed, believe me.  Embrace your inner Madonna and become the person YOU want to be. It’s really that important. Remember, you only get one life. Up to you what you do with it.