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As we discussed yesterday, teen magazines for 16 and above are very different when it comes to material. Women’s magazines are are about topics that aren’t interesting in the least to teen men.

So, what do they like? Much the same things that adult men do: electronics, gaming, music, sports, and other hobbies. We’re talking about magazines like GamePro, Thrasher, and Under the Radar. All of these are geared toward the teen male audience, while Sports Illustrated and Maxim are for m and this age group are definitely reading those magazines, too.

Pursue the same avenue as we discussed yesterday. Find a magazine you can relate to in some way, decide whether your writing voice fits with their style, and then get the magazine’s writers’ guidelines. Follow them to the letter.

And one other important thing you should do, whether writing for teen men or women is to read at least 6 sequential back issues. Make sure that your story hasn’t been written before. We’ll talk more about this in the future. For now, just be sure that what you want to write is age appropriate and that you’re writing within the editor’s vision. Otherwise, your idea won’t stand a chance.

We haven’t talked about submissions and query letters yet, but they’re important tools of the writing biz and most magazine editors prefer to see these first before requesting an entire manuscript. Never send a manuscript when a query is required or you’re just asking for rejection. We’ll touch on these in future posts.

Stay tuned.