Cover of "Love Story"
Cover of Love Story

Wow… Scares me that my 40th high school reunion is happening on October 30 in Pittsburgh. I’d so love to go, but well, for many reasons, I don’t think I’ll be attending unless some great thing happens and I just fly in to surprise everyone.

I went to an all-girls, Catholic high school and there were only 40 girls in my graduating class. We were all rather tight because there were so few of us and we all had the exact same reference points. Most of us had been to the same grade school and just transitioned over when it came time for high school, but at the end of 8th grade, the boys had to go to Central Catholic, another school, just for boys, several miles away.

So, this time…everyone’s invited. Girls, boys I haven’t seen in years who are now men (which is weird to think about, considering they’re all 50-something men, too). I’d just love to go and see how everything turned out. Did the nuns help us or hurt us? Hmm…

I know that some of my good qualities came from there. I’m pretty disciplined and always get done what needs to be done. I try to be charitable, but I have to admit, I’m not always. Sometimes my Irish temper gets the better of me and I spout off. I do have to be pushed pretty far, though.

Just don’t ever, ever, ever send me back to those days. I have some fond memories, but not of the detention our whole class spent ever single day of our freshman year. Not of having our bad math grades pasted to the chalkboard for everyone to see, and not of being criticized because I had my own opinions, called a heretic and hahahahaha…. so much else.

Want to know what was going on in 1970? Here’s a list:

  • The Beatles broke up and broke my heart
  • Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In by the Fifth Dimension won best song at the Grammy Awards. Remember seeing my first stage play with naked people (Hair) from which the song originated
  • Love Story was THE movie to see, with Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neal
  • Four Students were killed at Kent State University in an anti-war rally. I was in college by then, attending strike days at the University of Pittsburgh.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl
  • Janis & Jimi O.D’d and left the planet

And a bunch of other stuff…

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