Hey, how’s it going? I’m Pat Marcello and I’ve written 10 books for publishers like ABC-Clio, Lucent, and Andrews-McMeel. I haven’t been writing for magazines or writing books for years, but I do write every day. I am a writer. And I have writerly thoughts all the time — some twisted, some normal. And so, I’d like to share a little of each with you. Enjoy!

Books that Shaped America

I wish I were on this list from the Library of Congress, but no. How many have you read? http://www.loc.gov/bookfest/books-that-shaped-america/ I found that I have quite a bit of catching up to do. Did you know that you can get books for free for Amazon Kindle? Many...

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New Middle-Grade Level Mystery from Pat

I've worked with traditional publishing for more than twenty years, and it's been a real experience. I enjoy writing for publishers, but when it comes time for the royalty checks to come rolling in, they just don't. What cracks me up is that the editors and production...

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