Hey, how’s it going? I’m Pat Marcello and I’ve written 10 books for publishers like ABC-Clio, Lucent, and Andrews-McMeel. I haven’t been writing for magazines or writing books for years, but I do write every day. I am a writer. And I have writerly thoughts all the time — some twisted, some normal. And so, I’d like to share a little of each with you. Enjoy!

The Marcello Method for Research Organization

Today, I'm just going to boil down the steps I take to organize research when writing a book: Buy a 4-5" 3- ring binder Insert tabbed index sheets with broad categories that apply to my work Print out everything I find from reliable sources on the Internet Highlight...

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The Excitement Guide to Research Organization

OK, OK... I know you're like, "What so exciting about research, especially organizing it?" Well, some of us like that. Really. I love it and have my own special means of organizing everything I find. I'm sure there are other ways, and maybe even faster ways, but the...

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Organizing Your Research

Life is complex and writing a book is a task that can seem terribly overwhelming. And regardless of whether you're writing fiction or nonfiction, you have to do some research. You may think that's not true, but think about it... If you're writing location and get one...

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