New Middle-Grade Level Mystery from Pat

by Pat Marcello on August 17, 2011

I’ve worked with traditional publishing for more than twenty years, and it’s been a real experience. I enjoy writing for publishers, but when it comes time for the royalty checks to come rolling in, they just don’t. What cracks me up is that the editors and production people make annual salaries, and they have to […]


Writing Books: How to Know What to Include

by Pat Marcello on February 11, 2011

Writing a book is tricky. You have so much research, and well… You aren’t sure what you need and what you can do without when you look at it in a big heap.  It can make you crazy and scare you from writing at all. But don’t let it! As you’re reading the first book […]


Editors Work from the Gut

by Pat Marcello on February 7, 2011

I remember when my job was editing. It’s not a simple job. You’re not 100% certain how your audience will react to certain pieces that you approve for publishing or how many people will buy a book you recommended be published. You just have to listen to your marketing team, first, these days. Or, go […]


10 Steps to Writing Query Letters that Sell

by Pat Marcello on February 6, 2011

In everything you do, there’s a slow way and a fast way. Personally, I’m a preparer. I like to figure out what I’m going to do and then, execute my plan. That’s what writing great query letters is all about. So, in case you’re the methodical type, let me give you a step by step […]


Writing the Killer Query Letter

by Pat Marcello on February 4, 2011

That’s never been a problem for me, and query letters, but selling work before it’s done does scare some people. You can always create an outline of your idea first, if that makes you feel more secure. But let me tell you… Once you start writing every day and writing professionally, you’ll be able to […]