My husband is an amazing and really great guy, and we’ve been together for 41 years, married 37 of them. Anyway, about three years ago, he retired from the auto industry, which we all know is in the toilet. So, that was cool. I work at home and so, we’re always together. He has different projects that he works on, but basically, he has more time to kill than I do, so he’s been doing the cooking.

This is very weird. He’s quite the manly man, so it’s a real departure from his basic character.  But…

After being the main cook for nigh on 34 years, I figured it was about damned time, too.

But then, he started cooking and well… me & the kid lost weight. What he made was often edible, but well… not at all enticing. I mean, the man bakes steaks and they always come out this putting shade of grey. Argh! No! I love him, but his steaks… feh. Suckola to the max.

So, he’s BANNED from steak cooking (and I mean get away from my stove, brother). I don’t let him touch them anymore. Nope. I don’t cook much anymore, but I like a good steak now and again, and when I eat one… it better be pink in the middle and perfect. Otherwise, why eat red meat at all, right? I really prefer fish and poultry, but well… now and then, the carnivore side comes out and it just has to be. (Sorry Sarah and Donna — I know you’re confirmed vegetarian, and I get that, but well… it’s not me. Shannon won’t eat red meat, either. Smart girl.)

Mr. Pat (yes, his name is Pat, too, which makes phone calls a little confusing) does make some incredibly good stuff, like pasta with red peppers, shrimp, and basil; a great roast chicken; and it’s all good. I mean, let’s say he’s getting better at it all the time.

But LEAVE MY FRICKIN’ STEAKS ALONE, buster, if you want to stick around! 🙂

Love ya, honey.

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