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I’m a blue-aholic. In fact, my mom used to tell me, “You like any color as long as it’s blue.” Hmm… I can hear her saying it right now, and you know what? She was right. For whatever reason, the coolness of that color just makes me feel good. Right? And I like it so much that I actually collect it.

Over the years, I’ve collected lots of different stuff — signed books, vintage Fiestaware, and my most treasured items are in cobalt glass. I have tons of it. My daughter says it’s like my “dog whistle.” When there’s cobalt glass anywhere, I have to stop and look at it, and I find it no matter where it’s hiding.

I don’t buy much anymore, but I have some choice pieces that are my favorites and that I’d never part with. One is a Carter’s Master Ink bottle from way back. My husband bought it for me in 1988, and I will always love that. It’s great. I also have a Westmoreland ballerina dish that’s pretty cool. She gets noticed a lot.

And I have Depression glass, and my favorite of those is a Royal Lace cobalt plate. It’s just beautiful. Of course, I never let anyone eat off it.

But I also love flow blue china. Wow! My mother-in-law has the most amazing collection of flow blue ever. She gathered it years ago before it was really popular, and it’s gorgeous. I have a couple of plates that I call my own, but that’s about it. It’s so expensive now that it’s hard to find without paying a fortune for it.

Yet, my collecting days are over. I still love to look at the stuff I have, but my house can’t hold another thing. In fact, I’m at the place where if one more thing is purchased, I’ll have to move out.  Argh! My sister and I had an antiques and collectibles business for a while, and that’s what started it.  But things changed. The business is no more but the stuff remains.

I love my stuff. 🙂 I even have a cat named “Blue.”  Any wonder?

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