So, we went to see The Expendables today. I’m a real film freak, and even write a movie blog, if you’re interested to see what I think about the latest films.  We haven’t been to the movies in so long because there’s been so much crap put out lately that I was totally suffering popcorn withdrawal.  I was feeling a tad of the Mean Pat coming forth, and so… we trekked over to our nearest film theater to see something… anything.

I should have invested in some Orville Redenbacher and grabbed a Netflix. Feh.

BIG explosions. Lots of body parts flying around, and not one, but 2, car chases. I mean… really real guy stuff. Big knives and huge guns. Actually one of those weapons was pretty darned cool and I’m thinking of investing in something like that in case we have to deal with a Zombie Apocalypse in my lifetime.

Could happen, right?  And I’m not getting any younger.

I really do, however, like an occasional guy-type movie. I love sci-fi and Denzel’s movies are usually pretty good. I don’t mind Bruce Willis movies like Die Hard, and you know… some action flicks, like Gladiator, for example, really do have merit. The Expendables only had a tiny bit and that involved a bald man in tight jeans.

You see? Women are just slightly as shallow as men.

However, I really do prefer a good script with scintillating dialogue, and it really doesn’t matter what the film is about. If it’s well written, it rocks for me. I don’t care for chick flicks much, but if they’re well-written, OK. I like them, too. Even horror films, if they’re done right can be good. (Have you seen the promos for Fright Night yet? David Tennant looks all gothed out and crazy, not at all Dr. Who-ish, though he was fun as the Doctor. Anyway, might be good.)

But that’s what’s missing in Hollywood these days — good writers. I started a film script once, but all that day scene, night scene, inside, outside stuff made me looney and I gave it up. Maybe I should rethink it and start again.  I do have a pretty good Western story started.

Or, maybe not. I’ll probably just sit back and be shallow.  Bring on the bald man in tight jeans, and dammit! Take his shirt off. That’s all you had to do to keep us shallow women just a little bit happy.  🙂

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