So, my world is wacky. You see, in my heart, I’m still writing for kids. In my brain, I’m learning things like search engine optimization. Both are interesting to me, but it’s hard to put the Internet marketing world and my writing world together. There’s just not that much left of me at end of day.

But there are some great benefits to the SEO stuff. You see, this weekend, I’m going to London! It’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing, but never suspected LAST week at this time that it would happen so quickly. I’m going to the Pro SEO conference with Sarah Knudson, Tellman’s sister and my sistah at heart. It’s going to be amazing! I can’t wait. The plane leaves tomorrow morning, so I’ll be out for a day or so, but I promise not to keep you in suspense.

I just outlined a book today.

Before I started writing about my life here, I had a writing site on this domain, and I’ve had some repercussions from turning it into a blog. People weren’t happy with me. But the site was old and I figured a blog was better than nothings.  So… if you’re interested in writing, that’s what we’re going to be about very soon again. And, I plan to write a book and let you in on the process. I can’t promise that I’ll be talking about non-silly things because at the end of the day, that’s how I feel — rather silly.

I hope to engage you with what I’m doing nonetheless, and if you’re a budding writer and want to write for kids — be it picture books or teenage novels, which seem to be all the rage these days, I have tons of information to pass along. You see, I taught writing for kids for 5 + years for the Institute of Children’s Literature and really do know my stuff. Plus, having 10 books published and tons of articles and short stories helps, too. I know how to write and how to sell what I write. (I’m expecting a royalty check as I type.)

I don’t mean to disappoint you business folks. I still have a business blog about SEO at where you can learn more about me, what I do, and how you can successfully navigate the online marketing grid.

Keep watching! It’s going to be fun.