I went into Netflix kicking and screaming.  I mean, I thought, I don’t want to have to be running back and forth to the post office with DVDs. And knowing how our post office can sometimes screw things up, it just didn’t seem worth the effort. But ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been schooled.

We joined Netflix several months ago because our local Blockbusters (where I had a gold card, BTW) closed. All that was left was this dopey kiosk in our local Publix. You really can’t get much from that, and they charge you like $3 – 4 a movie. Pffft! When I think of all the money I wasted with Blockbuster, I get a tad miffed.

I started out with 1 DVD at a time, went to 2, and now, we’re up to 3… and I’m seeing shows like Dexter (which is amazing), The Tudors (historically amazing), and Brotherhood (which they ended way too soon) — all Showtime series that I’d never see because we have HBO. I’m beginning to think Showtime is a better deal, well… except for True Blood, which is a completely guilty pleasure. (It’s inane but for some dumb reason, we can’t stop watching.)

Tonight, we’ll be finished a Chinese film, Farewell My Concubine, and then tomorrow, resume with Dead Like Me, which is a scream. It’s about a dead 18-year-old girl who’s become a grim reaper. Apparently, there are far more of those than we know. 🙂 Anyway, it’s a fun show that looks at the silly side of death. Who knew there was one?

For example, she was killed by a flying toilet seat that was jettisoned from a space station, and one of her “co-workers” killed himself by drilling into his skull, hoping for the eternal high. It’s crazy stuff, and very fun. Unfortunately, it’s no longer airing, so we have one season left and a movie to wrap things up. Bummer. But I’d never have seen it, if it weren’t for Netflix.

Anyway, if you’re on the fence about Netflix, get off it. It’s a great service with more stuff than you can ever watch (though I’ve rated 1050 films and counting.) LOL