Russian Blue Cat BlueLook at that face.

How can anyone resist it?

But… this little cat is a criminal

He is.


Because he likes to be outside all the time, except at night when he comes in to sleep on my bed.

But I live in a condominium in Florida. And, the new president of our condo association hates cats. So, he’s put a bounty on Blue’s head. We’ve been called to the higher power — the MASTER Association, and they’re deciding how much to fine us right now because we refuse to keep Blue inside.

Blue has been outside for the past four years we’ve had him (he was a stray that we took in) and our other cats have been out for 11 years.  Of the older cats, one has died, and the other one is twelve years old and only goes out at night for a bit now. But this mean man is determined to put Blue in a jam and make him stay inside our unit all the time. Feh.

It’s funny, too, because most other people in the condo complex love Blue. They invite him into their units and they feed him (though we’ve asked them not to, he’s just too irresistible). I personally went out and got pages of signatures from other unit owners on a petition that says they want Blue to be left alone, but that isn’t holding much water. Our nefarious president is friends with the people at the Master Association and it’s a big, stupid political football that has torn the community apart.

Oh, and did I mention that NOT ONE complaint has ever been filed about the cats? NOT ONE.

I didn’t sign up for this, and they can fine me if they’re that rotten, but I’m not keeping this cat inside. He’ll tear my walls down! Not only that, but this just isn’t fair to him or us. The president was my so-called “friend” for 10 years, too. He was the Vice-President when I was president of the board for 7 years. He only took over in January and decided to make us miserable. It’s his personal preference that’s being addressed here.

So, what do you think? Should we cave and create misery for this really sweet little con-artist that everyone loves, or should we crowd source legal funding to blow them out of the water? I’m thinking the latter, and trust me, I’m soooo willing.

The good news is that I’ve found out who my real friends are, and Blue is right on top of that list. I won’t betray him for those ingenuous people. Plus, I know that they can’t change a rule that hasn’t been enforced in 11 years. They can’t do it!

And the funny thing is… I’m the kind of person who will forget if they just back off.   But they won’t, and now it has to this huge stupid battle that doesn’t mean squat.

Maybe he’s jealous because more people like Blue than like him. Hehehehe… That’s it. That’s gotta be it. 🙂